A Vertically
Integrated Model.

Smooth vertical integration within the organisation is the cornerstone of our production process. We house within our production facility the means for the production of yarn from polypropylene granules as well as weaving, latexing and finishing of the carpets, before eventually packing, delivering and distributing the finished rugs through an array of domestic and international distribution networks. Our production processes reflect the highest levels of expertise, without any compromise on quality and craftsmanship of our carpets.

By maintaining integration at different stages of production and distribution, we exercise significant control over the value addition chain. Each of these offers opportunities to attain economies of scale and scope, which manifests itself in our ability to consistently delivering world class rugs at the most competitive prices, as well as successfully catering to the rapidly changing demands from our customers.


State of the Art

Our production facility lies within the industrial hub of the bustling town of Panipat. Apart from weaving machines, we also accommodate our own extrusion, heat-setting and twisting equipment. Our production plant houses the most modern European machinery from world reputed manufacturers such as Van De Wiele, Reiter and Henry Paolus.

With a production capacity of 5 million square meters and a yarn capacity of 5280 tonnes, the Company supplies products across all significant market segments, distribution channels, and price points.

Some of our esteemed customers include Nitori (Japan), Home Improvements (USA), Klingel (Germany) and Briscoes from NewZealand.